We are Dave, Heather and Dizzy!

Thanks for visiting our blog!

The three of us are living life full-time in our 32′ class C motorhome. Since March 2010 we have been in Oregon volunteering our time, energy and various skills with Oregon State Parks and with Douglas County. We also spent 3 months last winter in New Mexico volunteering at a State Park down there. We’re still working on our resume but keep checking back to see what kinds of fun things we’ve been able to do as volunteers!

We plan on being in Oregon for another year or so and then we want to start slowly volunteering our way across our great nation eventually ending up in Florida where we’ll linger a little while and then start another journey in a different direction. All the while we’ll be keeping our eyes out for a nice piece of land we can acquire, hopefully with a nice barn on it we can convert into a house.



4 thoughts on “AboutUs

  1. Loved reading the blog adventures!! YOU two are nuts!! and having way too much fun!
    see you tomorrow!! and I’m so thankful we have you as our volunteers! YOU’RE the greatest!!

  2. Hey, Heather and Dave, (Oh, and Dizzy!), I looked through your pictures and read your blog! Congratulations on the engagement. Heather, I talked to your mom and she said you are getting married in Tucson? I don’t know if you knew or not but I married a Baha’i and declared last May. I understand you found the faith as well. Looks like you are having a good time. If you ever make it to North Carolina, let us know.
    Johnie and Debbie (Gardner) Henderson

  3. Dave, Heather and Mr. I, so nice to have met you. God has blessed us with perfect timing, as we chose the Cape’s lighthouse sunset photo op while touring the Tillamook Cheese Factory, stopping along the way to photograph a few pre-sunset shots at the Three Arch Rocks in the Pacific Ocean just off US 101. Looking forward to keeping up with you, trust you will enjoy and pass along our PhotoMural of the U.S.A. blog; our West Coast phase has been absolutely awesome. All our journeys begin and end in Branson, MO, and as comedian Yakov Smirnoff would say: “What A Country!”. – John and Barb Freed, http:fromseatosee.com

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