Happy for Huffy

So..on our bike ride to another campground today we met Huffy. She seemed lost and underweight. What to do? We share our snacks and search for the owner. Huffy has a tag with a number on it. We call it about 15 times with no luck. So we go to the nearest place with a phone and have them try
No luck. We tell the staff our story and they give us food for Huffy. Oh… did I mention that it was a mile away from where Huffy was? So we ride back to the campground, and we can’t find Huffy to give her the food. We seek out the park host in hopes that he will feed Huffy for us if he can find her. We ride in the cold and rain to the host site. We knock on the door and who comes out first?   Huffy.

We are glad to see Huffy is okay. Her owner explains the number on her collar is no longer working. We give him the dog food and chat for a bit and move on. Huffy is happy, healthy and very energetic.

Us? Wet. Happy. Cold and tired. But happy for Huffy.

We ride the 5 miles in the cold and rain back to our campground.

We did the right thing. That made our dinner taste better. We think our sleep will be good too…


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