Moving On Up To The East Side

As the Jefferson’s would say: “We are moving on up….To the East side…”

Okay… now that I have you (older) folks singing the tune to the old 80’s sitcom, The Jefferson’s… If you have forgotten it this will help:

Heather, Dizzy and Dave are on the road to Cottonwood Canyon State Park. What will they expect to do there? They will work on trails with a trail crew, catch more Bass out of the John Day river and when not busy with those two main “chores” do some paddle boarding down the John Day.

Of course evenings will be with friends around the fire pit burning heaps and oodles of wood… while taking turns with the telescope to look at moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, as well as the glow of Mars. We don’t look at Uranus too much though…. Just saying.

So off to the “East Side” we go….

OH…we have no Internet there. No phone. No newspaper. No television. No cell phone reception.

We DO have lots of rattlesnakes and S-I-L-E-N-C-E………………………………….


We will be there for a month. See you all when we get back.


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