Welcome back to the Midwest!

We made it to Kansas on a beautiful, warm, sunny day!
My family moved from Nebraska to Washington when I was 10, I haven’t seen land this flat since we left. I actually kind of miss it, the wide open spaces, the horizon, long straight roads, being able to see a house for 20 miles before you actually get to it… The weather was soooo much better than the drive to Denver. Blue skies and dry roads, awesome!!

We stopped at the Kansas Welcome Center for coffee and picked up some tourist info. Nice place, nice people, lots of info, and lots of people coming off the freeway with huge tumbleweeds stuck to the front of their cars.
We made it to Wichita just in time for pizza and wings! The following day was dedicated to Dave’s second mom, Mabel who passed away the week before, this was the reason for the unplanned trip east.
Now, we’re just hanging out, catching up and seeing what Wichita has to offer.


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