Whiteout in Wyoming

Today’s drive was an alternating combo of calm and easy, nervewracking & scary. 
We started off easy leaving Ogden – we got out early, there was no traffic and the roads were perfectly clear. The wind picked up just before we got into Wyoming and made for a really interesting drive, lucky for us it was to our back and we enjoyed the 38mpg. If we stopped we had to remember to open only one door at a time so the wind didn’t blow everything out the other side, and it blew so much sand and peagravel during one stop I’ll be surprised if my new paint isn’t pitted on one side. Overall, the wind was not a big deal as long as we were moving. We just took our time and enjoyed Western Wyoming’s amazing landscapes! We also stopped at the Sinclair Gas Refinery. You would know them by the Sinclair gas stations you see from time to time.

We eventually started to climb in elevation up to Laramie and that’s when the snow started blowing. I don’t think it was actually snowing at first, the wind was just picking it out of the praries and blowing it across the interstate. By the time we got to Laramie it was a full on blizzard and our washer fluid had frozen! We made it into town for gas and then got back on the road as quick as we could. We made it back to I80 just in time for the whiteout… We tried to stick behind a semi that we followed out of town but we lost him when he passed another truck and then we were on our own, couldn’t see much past the hood, we could barely see the sides of the road! Scary! We eventually caught up to slow moving traffic but the snow was blowing so hard even with hazards flashing we would lose sight of the car 50 feet ahead of us.

It was a slow, white knuckle, panic attack inducing drive for about 2 hours, everyone was pretty good though, we only saw 2 cars in the ditch. We got out of the whiteout a few minutes from Cheyenne but the wind was still an issue, we saw 6 semis on their sides before we got into Colorado. Hopefully, no one was injured today.

The rest of the drive to Denver was pretty smooth, we hit another snowstorm but it wasn’t too bad. We’re just thankful that we made it here safely!
Our hosts tonight are Dave’s nephew Scottie, his fiance Erika and Dizzy’s new bud, Jake, a smiling & happy, 14 year old Chocolate Lab.


One thought on “Whiteout in Wyoming

  1. Hey Ya’ll—Happy Thanksgiving next week! Best wishes to you on your travels. We are getting the food drive for the Western Farm Workers ready, putting together food boxes for 60 families this year. Westside church is rebuilding now after the fire in May, and we are trying to make it better than it was before. It was nice meeting you, and if you are back in the Beaverton area, please let us know. Cheers! Merry

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