Cross’ going cross country

On the road again! This time on an unplanned, last minute, and possibly cross-country trip in our car.

We left Mosier, Oregon yesterday afternoon and landed in La Grande for the night with some of our favorite people and Dizzy’s best playmate, Lexie. Thanks Mike and Kathy for accomodating us on such short notice, feeding us delicious, gourmet meals and sending us off with homemade caramel corn! Fuel for the road! You guys rock!!

We woke up to a surprise snow this morning (we didn’t see it forecasted on any of the weather sites) which was exciting but made for slow driving through the mountains.


We almost made it through Idaho without a hitch, we got pulled over by the State Patrol less than 2 miles from the Oregon border… The young guy that stopped us told it was for an incorrect lane change/bad signalling but all the while we were being asked if we had weapons or any form of marijuana or paraphinalea… He was very creative in his questioning, I’ll give him that, he’s good at his job. But, I wonder if it actually just had something to do with Dave’s long hair and my dreadlocks? Or, was it that we have Arizona plates and we were coming from Oregon? Hmmm…. I think the AZ plates was the start, 4 other vehicles with out of state plates were pulled over at the same time, one of them was in the process of being searched. He lost interest in us when we told him he was more than welcome to search the car. They were out in full force today, we saw at least 15 State Patrol cars within 5 miles of Oregon. Marijuana may be legal in Oregon, but Idaho still wants nothing to do with it, and it seems that they’re making sure everyone on I84 knows it.

Anyway, other than that, it was smooth sailing through Idaho at 80 mph (the posted speed limit).

Tonight we landed at the Day’s Inn in Ogden, Utah. We did a lot of searching online last night and this sounded like the best bet for the price. It’s under renovation so it’s kind of in between new and old which is ok and pretty interesting, but right now we’re a little disappointed with the price to current room status ratio. Oh well, it’s safe, warm, we have plenty of hot water, the pet fee was waived, we get a free breakfast and the wifi is fast. And we had a great chinese dinner down the street.

Tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early for a 6am breakfast so we can be on the road early enought to get to Englewood, Colorado before dark.


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