Busy, busy, busy. We’re always busy with something. Lucky for us, it’s almost always fun!

We’re at Cottonwood Canyon State Park until the end of June. We’ve been working on a few various projects for the park and ourselves and we’re still working on the the whole “relaxing” thing. We’re getting better at it, having big yards of lush grass and a river at our doorstep helps. We’ve been fishing, floating and swimming to stay cool.image




A couple weeks ago we updated our RV kitchen. More pictures and details later! image

We also had some unexpected car repairs come up just days before our upcoming roadtrip. New O2 sensor and another catalytic converter, woohoo…image

At the park we’ve been wrangling rattlesnakes, cleaning bathrooms, pulling noxious weeds, and working on trails. We have a trail named after us! Temporarily anyway…image


We’ve also been helping with the installation of some new interpretive displays. image


Last weekend our friends from Washington came down to hang out and play in the river. Lots of fun and food, but no pictures…

As always, we’re having a blast at Cottonwood. But this weekend was HOT!! The AC couldn’t even keep up. Blah… image

This week we are on vacation! Right now we’re enjoying an afternoon siesta after another delicious, filling, home cooked meal in La Grande. Kathy has been cooking for us and Dave is earning our keep and meals by helping Mike with some projects around the house.


And Dizzy has a new friend, Lexie! They wore each other out yesterday and have spent most of today sleeping. image


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