Sunny day road trip

We’ve been stuck in a fog (literally) for the last week… The weather website says it’s been sunny and warm but we haven’t seen it. So, we took Monday off and sought out the sun. We left bright and early to drive west to the coast.
We stopped at Camp 18 Restaurant for coffee and the biggest cinnamon roll we’ve ever seen! It took us 2 days to eat it all and it was delicious!



Our first stop once we hit the coast was Seaside. We stopped for more coffee and after meandering through the touristy part of town we drove about 10 miles up the beach. Not quite a leisurely stroll in the sand but still fun.

We hit Fort Stevens after that to explore the Old Fort a bit, saw the museum (finally), and took a drive out to see the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale.


It was a gorgeous day but still too windy to really enjoy the beach.


After a quick lunch we took a stroll on the non windy paved path on the river in Astoria and saw (and smelled) the Sea Lions on the docks. And, yea, that is a finger in the picture, I think I had a death grip on my phone to not drop it…


We ended our beautiful day on the coast at the Astoria Column. Missed sunset though, the clouds rolled in just in time.

We haven’t been up to much else but working. This week we started cleaning up the newt pond at our trailhead in Buxton. Years of downed branches and leaves have left it looking a little dark and eerie. Mucky, stinky work but it will look great when we’re done. And it’s fun for us!
Oh, did someone lose a toilet?


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