Last day of summer!

Today is the last day of summer and we’re on the road home.

Yesterday was the Host Party at Cottonwood Canyon State Park so we drove the couple hours over and camped out. The party was a blast and the food was delicious! The stars were really gorgeous and clear last night so we left the rain fly off the tent for star gazing. So, go figure, we woke up to rain (in the desert) at the crack of dawn… oh well, it’s needed here and it got us out of bed early enough to enjoy the day.

After we packed up we studied the map for awhile and decided on taking a back road home,  not unusual. This time we went through the woods around Mt. Hood. We eventually came across the trail to Ramona Falls and decided on an impromptu hike. Total prep fail for us though… we only took one bottle of water between the three of us and didn’t check the map and distances on the way in. Bad hikers! After much talk of turning around but continuing on anyway we finally made it to the falls! Awesome!! So worth it!

We’re in Sandy now about to indulge in the pizza we earned on our random 7 mile hike.


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