Time for some change!!

It’s time for us to clean up our eating! We’ve been eating badly for the last few weeks and we’re feeling it! We’ve been sluggish, exhausted, had all kinds of aches and pains, heartburn…overall just feeling like blah…not cool.

So, today we started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Learn more about the Challenge here and keep track of our progress at our side blog, ontheroadtofitness.wordpress.com. (This link isn’t working for some reason, I guess you’ll have to copy and paste until I can figure it out, sorry 😦 ) Leave us a comment to cheer us on! 😀

Advocare is a nutrition and wellness company that I’ve been involved with for quite a few years. I have a bit more info on the other blog and on my Advocare site but I would love to answer any questions about it! Want to know more about the company, the products or the business opportunity? Email me at yosemitebound30@gmail.com.

We would love for you to join us on the 24 Day Challenge!


PS: We’re not doing the 24 Day Challenge just to lose some weight or get “skinny”, we’re doing it to boost our health.



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