Fire Bug Finally Fortunate

You know the feeling…Your REALLY need to do something. Not just anything but THAT thing. Well for Dave that would be a fire. Not just any fire but a camp fire… We were recently in Eastern Oregon and most of the area is under a fire ban. Massive wheat crops and dry desert grasses do not mix well with camp fires.

But now: S H A Z A M ! ! ! We are in fire central. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of woods and we have access to mega mucho old trees and tree limbs. I also have access to the campground wood stash but that is NO fun. Gotta go out there and pick up your own!!! I suppose in one of my previous lives I gathered wood for the communal fire ring. Or better yet I was the dude who gathered the wood (and lit it) as we burned the witches in Salem Mass back in the day… Who knows.

Anyway: This is a picture of my most current creation as we sit outside the RV, watch the most excellent hardwood burn (no pine here) and listen to the distant rumble of the race cars making the turns at the local speedway in Banks Oregon.


Who needs TV when you can watch that?


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