Hey… YOU looking at me?

If a snake could talk then THIS snake would be saying that…


Here in Cottonwood Canyon State Park we have lots of snakes. Big ones, small ones, and some that crawl on rocks. Some are poisonous and some are not. But all are  S C A R Y  (to me that is). But not to Heather. She “ain’t skeered” at all…


As you can tell in the photo above…. NOPE. Not skeered at all..

Most of you know that I am retired Army. Jump out of airplanes and blow stuff up. No fear there… But snakes.

NOPE.   S K E E R E D…. That’s me. Not happy around snakes. But I am getting better. I think I actually touched the snake she has on the limb she is holding. A couple of guys were in the park studying the snakes in the area. They took the time to show us how to collect blood samples and scale samples from the resident snake population. Watching them take blood samples from rattlers was “interesting” to say the least… We got to help a bit.

Eventually we introduced this Gopher snake (named Spring by a young visiting camper) to a group of mice we had in the park. Notice I said “had” as in they became lunch for Spring the next day.. Spring ate at least three or four mice in a very short time. The snake dudes and Spring were all happy.

We took Spring around the campground a couple of days after he/she/it ate the mice and showed Spring off to the campers. They loved it!!

0430042202 Here is Heather holding the head of a small Gopher snake while it checks out the tail of a rattler… If only snakes could talk. Notice the pink on the rattler’s tail? The herpetologists that were collecting samples paint the snakes tail with a pink paint (it washes off) so they know a sample has been taken. Soooooooooooooo while in Cottonwood Canyon you can look for “pink tail rattlers” for real without making up the story. Sounds like a story I would make up…

Heather pointed out that ALL the girls in the campground wanted to see the snake and MOST of the men declined.

Go figure.

Typical male that I am…

Cottonwood Canyon is an awesome place..


Snake included.




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