What a combo…

Some things just seem to work together well… Ice cream and chocolate. Laurel and Hardy. Lighthouses and boats.

You get the idea…

Today after work it was a bike ride, the Pacific ocean view and a sailboat. We decided to take a break from the gym and go for a bike ride. We tooled around Lake Marie and then down the hill toward the ocean.

When we got there we could just make out a sailboat on the golden horizon. At first it looked like it was struggling to make it back into Winchester Bay but it soon became apparent that the captain knew exactly what he was doing. He went back and forth in the heavy waves expertly maneuvering the sailboat between the rocky jetties.

The winds today were about 30 miles an hour and with both sails full up, it was quiet a task. At least from our point of view on the south edge of the jetty.

The crew waved as they passed by us sitting on the jetty… A beautiful sight to see.

The sun sucking Dave's hair into its rays...
The sun sucking Dave’s hair into its rays…
R e l a x i n g...
R e l a x i n g…

While watching the sailboat ease by…

0322041851 0322041851c 0322041851b 0322041851a

We ended up at “Ungers”… The only floating restaurant in Winchester Bay for coffee. We had a spectacular view from there too. (A great ham-n-cheese too!!!)

0322041928a 0322041925

What a combo…waves, sailboat, wind in your face, salty air, and pretty girl sitting next to me.

Sigh – only gets better in Heaven.

Can’t see it being a whole lot better than that though…


2 thoughts on “What a combo…

  1. Thanks for the tour on Sunday. It was great meeting you and all three of you did a tremendous job. Perhaps we’ll see you on the East Coast of Oregon this summer.

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