Breaking Bad in Bandon (Sort-of)

NO…we don’t do drugs. So put your mind in another direction.

We DO however “do” chocolate… And it is easy to get addicted to. Especially if you have ever visited the Bandon Oregon cranberry Sweets. When you walk into the store almost all of their products are on display and almost all have a bowl handy for you to taste before you buy. And THAT is how the addiction begins. The “dealers” always say the first one is free…


We spent most of the afternoon walking around Old Bandon and enjoying the shops and vendors. Here are some cameo shots..

We had a great time. But we have to go back.. We were supposed to visit the Face Rock Creamery but did not make it.   F A I L… Sort of . I guess we were so relaxed and had no agenda we just let it slip our minds.

Sooooooooooooo – sounds like a good excuse to go back!!!

PS. We spent less than $20 (this time) at the chocolate store. So I guess we did OK.


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