Would YOU drive 120 miles for a hot dog?

Would you drive 120 miles for a hot dog? You would say “yes” if you had ever had a home-made Langlois hotdog.

Langlois Oregon – Also known as “Best Hot Dogs in Oregon”


Where the hades is Langlois? Well, start in Coos Bay and head south for half an hour or so. When you see this sign – stop! You have made it to the best hot dog place on the coast:
0312041438 0312041420a

These hot dogs are home-made and they make their own mustard too!!! Add a great bun and fresh pickles – H E A V E N –

0312041427a 0312041427

Just look at the size of those dogs and the smile on Dave’s face.

H E A V E N… Great home-made chili too!!! Is that chili on those Cheetos?

Great outdoor seating in the sun… Check out that dog above the door!



We both had a dog, chips, drink AND a huge cup of chili for under $10 (excluding the 120 miles round trip of course…)

Worth it!!!


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