Can U See what I See?

OK… RV’s are historically dark. Not because we the RVer’s want it that way. It’s just that they seem to be built that way. Our RV is a 2010 model and you would think with all of man’s achievements that at least ONE of the light fixtures in our RV would be an LED.


Like I said. They come that way…

Over the past few years/months/days/weeks we have worked to upgrade our lights in the rig to LEDs. This is one of those upgrades. We finally put two LED bars above our dinner table. It was soooooooooooooo dark before. I suppose some of the dinners we have eaten in the past were based on the smell of the food alone.

But no more.

We kept the fixture that came with the RV and tied the two new LED bars into it. The original wiring is pretty heavy duty because it supported heat-making kind of hot light bulbs…

So we tapped into the power lines of the old fixture. See how easy the wires connected?


Is the gold wire “hot” or is the silver wire “hot” or are they both hot? Whatever – let’s just believe in evolution and they will simply put themselves together…



So after we tap the main line we needed to put the switch in. Of course that was supposed to be the “easy” part of this adventure.

Nope. Not gonna happen. Never does…

We discover that our original plan/path to run the wire is -blocked- by a wood support hidden in the false wall.


So we re-route the wires to the switches another way. This of course took TWO DAYS to figure out and another day to fish the wire through an path that we did not want to go through. But, we won. The lines to connect the power switches finally made it. I say “switches” because we decided to have a “his” and “her” individual power switches. Here is a look a the switch pack just before we put it in place.


Then secure the plate to the wood…


It all looks good. And the final result is:

L I G H T………………….M U C H O   L I G H T!!!


OK…Sing along with me now:  ” I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”


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