We need more light Scotty!!! Engage…

RV’s can be dark caves. Most start out with 12 volt incandescent (old school) bulbs… They get hot and are a danger when left on for a long time. Think of leaving your car door open and how hot the dome light gets…

Anyway, we decided to upgrade to LED’s a long time ago. They are costly but they work great. We try to get the best for each situation and recently spent about $170 upgrading some dark areas in the RV.

An area we needed some more light in was the kitchen. We finally upgraded the ONE single old-school lightbulb over the stove to an awesome LED light bar…

Thinking   Droptheold Wire SwitchCut  FixWires2 FixWires

We had to remove the old fan shroud, fabricate a switch plate and run some new wire. Helps to be flexible…


One thought on “We need more light Scotty!!! Engage…

  1. Looks like Dave is doing a great job with his stretches! We just converted over to LED’s last week on most of the lights in our trailer. Once we finish that we want to put a solar panel on top and then we’ll be able to dry camp for longer periods of time. Oh, and we also need to switch to two 6 volt batteries.

    You are a great inspiration. 😄

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