We had to make an emergency trip to Arizona… So we needed a place to put our RV while on the trip.

A friend was gracious enough to let us “borrow” her yard to store our 33 foot RV and our 16 foot trailer in her yard.

When we got to her home we decided to drive the RV in “head first” and deal with getting it out later.

1 Diving In   Parking was sort-of easy… We had to make sure we did not hit the corner of the house or the fence on the left of the RV. And-not hit the brick wall to the driver’s left. As you can see, it was real close. Especially since the front tires were sort of steering in their own direction…

2 Sooooo Close   When we pulled forward we sort of “sunk” down a bit. The plan was to move a little further in and straighten the RV out but as you can see… No. Not gonna happen. The front tires were digging in and the back were starting to spin out. Digging some nice holes in both the front and rear of the RV.

4 Shovel Anyone 3 A little deep   We were in as far as we could go so that-was-that… We jumped in our car and made our trip to Arizona (THAT is another story…)

When we got back from Arizona we used a shovel to dig out a bit and then tried to give the beast a tug with Rachel’s car.

Nope… Too heavy. So we decided to remove the trailer and try again.

So we unhooked the trailer…

5 Unhook

And then we used Rachel’s car to move it out of the way.

6 Rehook

That was a success. After we moved the trailer out of the way the RV made it out to the street with no problems. We then hooked the trailer back up and were ready to go home. But not before attempting to fix the huge trench that the RV carved into Rachel’s yard…

7 Hole1 8 Hole2

Yup…that’s gonna leave a mark (this spring anyway)…

Thank you Rachel for the parking spot!!!

Sorry for tearing up your  yard 😦


One thought on “To park – Or not to park. That was the answer to the question…

  1. you know I don’t care in the least!!! cause it’s just a side yard!!! and if you ever have to do this again, we’ll make sure we get some gravel on it first!! I’m just happy I could be there!! hugs!

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