The shower repairs continue…

Getting the shower done – finally. Upgrades along the way are taking some time but it is worth it. The floor support is so poor in most RV’s it will not stand up to daily use. So the floor “beef up” took a few days to engineer.

Since we have the bathroom shower completely torn out it was time to shine some light on the subject. Literally… We spent most of yesterday (and last night) getting our new LED’s put in place. We got tired of taking showers in a dark cave. So we invested in some waterproof LED’s. These guys are BRIGHT!!! And they can actually be dunked under the water so we know they will do fine with an occasional stray blast of water.

Here is Dave getting the LED’s some power. Tech note: Our RV was wired for incandescent bulbs so we had plenty of power lines to tap into without running additional wires.
Power3Hmmmm… Is black hot or is white hot or is white ground and the black hot or….

Power2Whatever-just cut the red one!


Wait – what is that “extra” wire? It has no connection to anything… Should we call someone?

Hours later…. The power was in place. Now just install a simple $2 switch…

Or not…

Turns out our biggest dilemma was where to put the on/off switch for the LED’s… It was supposed to be an EASY task. But alas-it was the most difficult of all the things we had to do that day. Can you believe we could find no place in the room that was good – minus tearing out a wall to run special wires? Bummer. What to do?

Then the bell went “ding”….

Lets modify an existing nearby light fixture and add the switch there. The fixture was our point of power and near the shower. So that is what we did. Took the original light fixture down and used the Dremel tool and cut a slot for the switch to be placed in…

Switch1Careful spinning at buku RPM’s…Switch2Not easy but it was a total success – very secure and very stable.

So it was on to final install and testing of the LED’s. Success – nothing went “ZAP!!!”

Finaltest1Final test before attaching to the ceiling.

Finaltest2Final screws to the ceiling…

Tomorrow we put the shower doors back on after we clean all the old caulking off. Some of the caulking is old and was most likely an adhesive version. Very hard to remove. Heather has been patient with getting it all off… Thank you Sweetie Pie!!!

Prep1Lots of scrubbing…and scrubbing and scrubbing and (well you get the idea).

Dave took the time to “autograph” the shower pan with important information before he installed the seat support and put it all back in place.

Prep2Who knows – might end up in a museum or something…

Prep3Seat support on…

Tomorrow we hope to finish up. We “tested” the plumbing today and so far no leaks.

That’s a good thing – a good thing indeed!!!


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