Shower me with love…

Or just take a shower… We would if we could – in our own shower that is… And this is the reason we can’t… Our shower seems to be in the wrong spots in the RV:

What is wrong2 What is wrong1

We are fixing our “broke” shower. Class “C” RV’s are just not made out of the best material for long-term use. Our shower broke after 4 years or so of daily use. So I suppose a shower that was made for “weekend” use lasted long enough.

We spent a LONG time finding the replacement part. The bottom of the shower (shower pan) is only made by ONE company in Michigan and only on Friday and only if you pre-pay and only if you talk nice on the phone… Actually, the company that made our replace was VERY nice indeed. It was “made to order” and cost around $200 for the part and for shipping.

Now the day is here: Time to install the shower.

But first we have to fix the original problem that caused the first one to crack. The weak floor.

The original design is one flimsy piece of plywood on wood “legs”… Way too much flexing with that little support. Here is a picture of Dave as he looks over the bottom legs and contemplates how to add another layer…
HammerTimeBottoms Up

Funny how a “real man” can fix anything with a hammer and a screwdriver! Must be in our “Jeans” Dave quips.. So we took the old supports up. Cut new ones and added another layer of plywood to the system. Of course we had to spend the next several hours adjusting the legs individually.

CutSupportsAfter each leg was cut the support was put back down and tested with the most precision testing device known to man: “The Dave Wave.”

Test the legsThe Dave Wave measures tilt, angle, dangle and “holdability”, horizontal and vertical position as well as the coolness of craftsmanship factor-all at the same time….

Just before Dave added the extra plywood top he had to get some “cheese points” for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday-in your mind delete the toilet paper of course…


And adding those points “irked” the job supervisor who simply wants life to return to normal. Here is the supervisor looking at Dave in his supervisor way…

Are we done yetHe said “bark-bark-bark-woof” which translates into “Stupid human-just get it done…”

Or something like that…

Today the 8th of Feb, Dave works on the electrical (adding new LED’s in the bath area) and finish getting the shower pan securely in place.

Some day we will be able to take a shower…


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