The God of Rainbows Shined Down Upon Us…

The God of Rainbows paid us a visit this morning….


WHAT I ask could be cooler than that?

Well… How about this:


Heather yelling “Go Seahawks!!!”

Yup… THAT is better…

Just saying….


One thought on “The God of Rainbows Shined Down Upon Us…

  1. First time I have looked at this and read it. It is awesome and fun and funny and entertaining. I will continue to check on occasion and keep up with youins.
    Thanks for delivering the dolls and the lighthouses to me. The dolls are sitting on the shelf right above me so I can think of Tricia every day. I have a picture of her sitting in front me when I work on the computer and remember her as I knew her and the fun times we had together. The lighthouse ornament is also on the shelf above me and the big lighthouse will be going to Arizona with me to add to the small world segment of life. It was a pleasure to meet David and good to see you and Dizzy. Dizzy’s picture playing football and wanting to be a wildcat is terrific. And what a great picture of Heather and the Rainbow in the Seahawks jersey. Must be why they won yesterday. Fondly. Marti Sutton

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