Seeing the light-again…

Back “home” after many thousands of miles. Most of it nice and relaxed but still away from home.

Right now we are hanging our hats at Umpqua River Lighthouse…

Watching the lighthouse turn and the Pacific sea waves crash into the ocean….


We want to give a HUGE shout-out (and THANK YOU) to the three families who “hosted” us on our long trip from Oregon to Arizona then back past Oregon to Washington State and finally back to the coast of Oregon:

Christina and Skyler: Thank you!


H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   S H E L B Y!!!

The big “5”…


And Carol and Woody: Thank you!


And our Arizona friends, Roger and Lynette:


An “extra” thanks to Roger and Lynette for firing up the hot tub and letting us soak our colds and misery away… AND for putting up with Dave’s going through a box of tissue at the house…

Love you guys and always enjoy “being at home” in your home…

Thank you all from the both of us (Dizzy sends drools too)…


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