It’s a small, small world (sing along with me…)

How small? Depends on your focus I suppose…

In our case the last few days seemed small indeed. Like the previous blog post about seeing the same cars over and over on the road.

On today’s 650 mile journey we indeed passed many trucks, cars and other odd vehicles that we could identify immediately. One had a broken mud flap that Heather keyed on… Another was an 18 wheeler with a University Of Oregon sticker on the back of it… And yet another triple-length truck that, first, sped past us going well over the speed limit down the pass by Mt. Shasta and then totally cut us off going down another steep hill a couple hours later (meaning we had to slam on our brakes in a curve on a steep downhill).

But that is not why the world was so small today – it was the other things that happened along the way.

Since entering southern California we leap-frogged a truck that was carrying a military Stryker vehicle as it’s cargo. We pulled into a rest stop many hours later and who comes easing in behind us? The truck with the Stryker. Small world…

Turns out he was taking it to Fort Lewis, WA. A military base that Dave was once stationed at and we’re also headed toward. Small world…

We started in Arizona where SIX sets of park hosts that we have worked with at a 119 year old lighthouse were spending the winter. Small world…

On the way into Oregon we get a random “health and welfare” call from a host friend where our RV is. He was just thinking about us and we just happened to be moving in his direction… Small world.

One of the host couples came over for dinner and met Heather’s father in Huachuca City. Both men were in the Navy and both men entered the military around the same time. At the same training facility in the Midwest… Small world.

We stopped in the Rogue River area and sent a picture back to Arizona of us and our trained-killer-pug standing in our friends RV spot next to the river, the same friends who we saw just 2 days ago. Small world…

As we entered southern Oregon near Sutherlin it occurred to us that yet another host friend was at his winter RV spot nearby. We called him to see if he was still in the area. He is. In fact as we were driving North on I-5, he was driving South on I-5 headed in our direction. I suppose if it was not at night time we could have waved at him as we passed each other. Small world indeed…

So we decide to cool our engines in our “mail box town” of Salem, Oregon at a local motel. While waiting in line for the couple in front of us to finish checking in we over hear the conversation about the family being from Arizona. Another small world…

When WE check in the clerk notices our name is the same: David. Then REALLY gets excited when he discovers that we too are from Arizona. He gets even more excited when we tell him we are from Sierra Vista, AZ. He almost explodes when we share that we actually live in Huachuca City, AZ – the same town of just 1800 people that his grandparents are living in, just across the highway from us… Super small world!!!

Oh: Did I mention that our odometer was somewhere around 198198 miles when some of this happened? Hmmmmmmmmm

Yup – it’s a small, small world indeed!!!


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