So…There I was helping with my brother-in-law’s truck…UPDATE

Of course things NEVER go easy as they should. I should expect that but sometimes I fall into the dreamy happy-go-lucky state and actually believe that they (car repairs) will go as planned…

Yesterday we got six new spark plugs for Gary’s truck. Planned a mini-tune-up…

Since my grandfather was a mechanic and my father was a mechanic and I went to school four years to be a mechanic and have worked on countless numbers of cars I thought this “easy” tune-up would be a good time to share the finer points with Gary.

As I was demonstrating how to gingerly remove the spark plug wire WITHOUT breaking it (I put GREAT emphasis on NOT breaking it to Gary) I broke it.


Of course it is evening time and the sun is setting. Projected temp: 30ish.


We run to the store to get a plug wire set because I broke the first one I tried to get off and we realized the rest will probably do the same…

The first store has ONE set.


The counter man says he would not use that crap on HIS vehicle…


He calls around and locates us a good set…

On a hunch we drop by to pre-pay and they don’t even remember the conversation with our previous parts guy – much less have it on order…

So we order it… It will be in the next day’s shipment.

And that is the only thing that went “right” with yesterdays fiasco. Since I have done this a few times FOLLOW-UP at the parts store saved us. Otherwise we would be going there this morning to hear the famous words… “…we don’t seem to have that part Mr. Cross – Would you like us to order it for you?

Some things never change.

I’m sure the next “car repair” that comes my way I will start out hoping that it will be “easy”…

Probably not going to hold my breath…

OH: We are just leaving to drive the 6 miles to get the parts.

This story MAY continue….

//////////// And it does //////////

We get the plugs out and of course ONE of the back-hard-to-reach plugs will not come out. We need a short extension to make it work. We don’t have one. Of course we don’t have one. What did we expect?

We finally managed to get the back plug out with the tools on hand. Now on to the wires. Of course the wiring diagram we have does NOT match the reality of the truck! We discover that the “ignition block” is put on backward and makes EVERY diagram we look at backwards… Really?

So we find a firing order diagram from an old 1998 3.0 liter that matches our reality and print  that. That was way easier than re-wiring and re-routing the six plug wires… We finished and it starts up without exploding!!!


Then Dave notices the battery needs maintenance…

And that is another story….


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