So….There I was (again) fixing the car…

We had to run around town to several places to get the exhaust part we needed to make the minor exhaust repair. You know the sound – the “spiff-spiff-spiff” sound that comes from under your car when you are in traffic or near a building.

Exhaust leak. Yup. That one.

We get the part – and it is WAY too easy to put in. Of course I have no ramps here in Huachuca City so I do the only thing any Mid-Western country boy would do: I ramp it up on 2×4’s…. And use a cinder block as a safety chalk (OK you can wince here)…

It only takes about an hour or so to fix and that is with some extra time spent cleaning the pipes because “this-is-going-way-too-easy” feeling needs to be tamed a bit.

I get it all back together – start it up – and I hear the same thing: spiff spiff spiff spiff…


I move the creeper around and get the light just right and there it is: spiff-spiff-spiff coming out of the BROKEN exhaust manifold.

Bigger crap.

I COULD fix this: With a car lift, air wrench set, tap-n-die set (to remove broken bolts) and perhaps an acetylene torch set and of course the parts – Oh yeah….the parts. None in town. One comes from Californication and the other from somewhere in the snow infested Mid West.

I did mention than the manifold is cracked? Check. Oh-and the catylitic converter ($600) is bad too…

Triple crap.

Sigh…..   Order the parts and wwwwwwwwwwwwwait.

Some time this week (we pray to the previous God of Pluto – now redesigned again as a “Planette”… (seriously?)

we may get our parts and make our way back to Oregon.

Priceless – (about $1400 actually with the tune-up I did on my own)…

Moral: If YOUR car repair goes easy and in fact IS easy…Thank your God/Higher Power/Pontiff/Guru/Statue/or whatever-floats-your-boat thingy that it went so well.

Because NEXT time – it just might not.


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