So…There I was getting ready to fix the car…

And as I was walking by the laundry room I notice a burning smell…

Never a good thing when a burning smell is coming from the laundry room.

I go to the laundry room and hear the dryer churning like a chain saw cutting into a truck hood (or something like that – use your imagination).  I open the dryer door and nothing is turning but the grinding noise is full out… Hmmmmm

Broken.  Yup – that is my official diagnosis.

I take it out side and me and my brother-in-law take it apart. Yup – lots of burnt stuff on the bottom of the dryer floor. Scorched belts, broken pulleys and other items I can’t quite figure out are spread around in the dryer floor.

Broken? Yup – that’s my final answer.

Sooooooooooooooo we load it up in the truck and go straight to the dump.

Problem 50% solved.

Then we go to Lowes and buy a new one.

Problem 75% solved.

Then we put on the new power cord and hope it does not explode when we plug it in since neither one of us is an electrician…

Oh wait…It did not come with a power cord.


The story would go a different direction but alas: I have done this BEFORE and I “saved” the power cord from the old dryer. (There is a God)…

I attach the old/new power cord on the dryer and we put the dryer in the laundry room, hook up the vent (that we took the time to repair and clean) and now Heather is drying one of two previously-wet-all-day-while-we-fix-the-dryer piles of clothes…

God is good….

Oh: We got about  $300 off in discounts with the current sale and my military discount…

God is Great!!! Allauh Akbar!!! My Jihad against the infidel dryer is finished!

Here is what we bought:

The car is still broke (sort of)…

That will be another war!!!


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