The day the sun seemed a little dimmer…

December 26th, 2013.

That was the day the sun in Arizona seemed a little dimmer to the many people who knew and loved Heather’s mom, Tricia (Manke) Geater.

To understand what an awesome life Tricia lived visit the obituary page at this link:

You will be amazed at the consistent giving of herself to the community in so many ways. In fact, today (4th) at the memorial service the Priest took the time to go into great details of how Tricia continued to help others – even as she sat almost helpless with her own infirmaries. Even while bound by her disease, her wheelchair and the nursing home, Tricia continued to help others around her…

If only we could all be that generous when we face our own infirmaries in life!

The sun was a little darker today (4th) as we placed her remains in the columbarium at St. Andrews Catholic church here in Sierra Vista. It will brighten up again – but it will never be the same as when Tricia added her presence to the awesome things God does for us all…

And through her – HE did indeed touch many, using her hands and smile and her life.

Rest in peace Tricia, we love you and the blessings you shared with us all.


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