Happy Christmas Eve!

Or is it Merry? Hmm…

Either way I hope everyone is having a great evening!

Today was a bit busy for us, but a good day. We worked at the Museum until 3:30, went to a good friends house for Christmas Eve dinner, went to church and then the gym. Yep, we forced ourselves to work out. Now we’ll feel better about all the food we’re going to eat tomorrow while we’re laying around in our pjs!

We went to the Candlelight Service at the Reedsport Church of God. It was a really nice service. The choir was beautiful and the bell choir was amazing! I think the best part though was before the closing one of the church members stood up with his phone and said that on the other end (on streaming live video) was a service member from town who was serving in Japan. He’d been watching the whole service. That was cool, and the pastor ran up to the phone and gave a personal greeting to the guy on the other end.

Before we head off to bed tonight to wait for Santa, Dizzy gets a sneak peek of Christmas breakfast.

For me?!!!
For me?!!!

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