Oven repairs

UPDATE: It works… No “smoke” or fire when we put the oven back in service. No smoke alarms either….

N I C E…



So, Dave called the company and was put in touch with a very helpful technician. Turns out the “technician” was once the owner of an Amana factory (before it was moved to China) and was one of the designers of our particular kind of oven. After informing us there was no warranty he proceeded to tell Dave how to take it apart! I think most companies would tell you how to replace it or who to take it to before trying to have you fix it yourself… They isolated the problem over the phone and the technician sent out a replacement part, no charge, no problem! Too easy!

It only took Dave about an hour today to modify and replace the fried wire and we’re back in business! I’ll test out the oven tomorrow by making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin mac-n-cheese (I’ve got a lot of pumpkin to use up).

We got our Christmas tree up today! IMG_7801

What belongs in this big open space? More on that later on “As The RV Turns”…stay tuned!

Someone stole our shower!!
Someone stole our shower!!

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