The Hardy Boys!

These 4 boys are the whole reason we went down to Arizona in August.

The Four Amigos!  The littlest just woke up....
The Four Amigos!
The littlest just woke up….

If we were just going down there to work on the house we wouldn’t have gone during the hottest month of the summer… But, spending time with those guys made the heat bearable.

We only had about 10 days with them so we had to make it count. We told them we’d go camping last time we saw them and they asked “when?” every time we’d talk on the phone. So, we took them to City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico. We hosted there a couple of years ago and loved it and knew they would too!

~~Lots of pictures, click on one if you’d like to scroll through them all!~~

We all had a blast at City of Rocks. For one breakfast we had the mandatory camping bacon, one morning we did a “Jungle Breakfast”, we hid boxes of cereal in the rocks all around the campsite and they had to “hunt” for their breakfast. Dinners and lunches were hot dogs, sandwiches and walking tacos. While we were there we climbed, had campfires, made smores, laid out on the rocks and watched the stars and just had an awesome camping experience! The Rangers were amazing. The first day they took us all on a Petroglyph walk and showed us where some of the “secret” petroglyphs were, and later on they brought over a live rattlesnake that they had just caught in another part of the park.

We also spent one day at the Gila Cliff Dwellings which is just 2 hours north of City of Rocks.

A thunderstorm rolled through while we were there so they held us inside the dwellings until it passed, about 45 minutes. The dwellings are in a fairly deep canyon so there is a risk of flash floods and because of their position on the cliff side there is also a danger of lightning strike so during a storm everything shuts down so if you’re at the dwellings you’re stuck until they decide it’s clear. We had an amazing tour guide though and she somehow managed to hold the attention of 4 young boys the whole time!

We left City of Rocks after 4 days and 3 nights of camping. Two boys were ready to go home, two boys were not. Two adults were ready to go home, and two adults were not. Since we had 2 cars with 2 boys and 2 adults per car, those who were not ready to go home took the long way home. We drove north, instead of west to home, to walk the Catwalk. Dave and I went a couple years ago and thought they would love it. After an hour and a half of driving we reached the entrance to the Catwalk, and the gate was closed….another place that shuts down (for a very good reason) during the monsoon rains.

A couple days after the big trip we made a local trip to Apple Annie’s Orchard in Wilcox. Peaches and pears were ready to pick so we loaded up.

At home we all played a lot of games; UNO, Creationary, Scattergories, and one of my favorites from childhood, Pig Pong! The kids loved it but I think Dizzy had more fun with it than anyone else.

Our time with the Hardy boys was short but it was the highlight of the summer. As kids do, they’re growing up fast. We made the best of the time we had and we all had a lot of fun. And like every gathering that involves Dave and I, there was food!


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