10-4 Good Buddy!

We did it! We finally tied the knot!

We were married on Friday, October 4th around 2pm at the Justice of the Peace in Sierra Vista, AZ.

Nothing fancy, although we still dressed up. I even found a really pretty white dress to wear! My parents came as our witnesses and my dad took pictures. We were expecting a typical short, sweet, just to make it legal type of “ceremony” by the JP but he actually had real vows as you would read in a church ceremony. Very well done and he was a very nice guy.

My parents took us out to lunch, then later on that evening Dave and I went out for dinner. We drove out to the small ranching town of Sonoita to the Steak Out restaurant. If you’re ever in that part of Arizona and you love a good steak, that is the place to go! The best steak I’ve ever had! They also had live music that night and everyone there gave us a Congratulations. It was a great day!

We are still planning on having a small ceremony next year for family and friends. We haven’t decided where or when yet but it will be a ton of fun when it happens!


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