Rained out…

After a month or of debating, playing around with the budget and getting estimates from a few different companies we finally decided to put a new AC and heating unit on Dave’s house in Arizona. After much discussion Sears won our business and today was the big install day. The weather this week has been hot and dry with cool nights, perfect for an install on the roof. At least it was, until this afternoon…. Around 2 the best thunderstorm of the summer (or worst, depending on your POV) inundated Huachuca City! A few inches of rain, the biggest hail I’ve ever seen here, window-shaking thunder booms and close-by lightning strikes, the kind of storm I’ve been hoping for since we got here in July. I’m a fan of big, scary, exciting storms (I was the kid who loved the tornadoes in the Midwest…) weird, I know…

Anyway, so the crew arrived around 9 this morning and got right to work. Good guys. And they run a family business; Dad, son, grandson, and son’s son-in-law.

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So, the new unit is up on the roof but we won’t have the duct work done until Monday or Tuesday. Our poor, brand-spanking new AC went from the truck to the roof and only enjoyed a little sunshine before it was pummeled by hail…luckily the hail was small enough to not do any damage.

Stay tuned for the story of our roof repairs! We’ve been busy…


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