On the road again…

Time is done. Complete. Finished. No more to do (sort of).

Our time at Stub Stewart State Park is over. We finished our last trail cleaning job a couple of days ago. What a beast. The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotch_broom Scotch Broom was so high you could not walk through it and be seen.

We spent about 8 hours on that short trail alone… and now we are “done-done” for this year.

And what do we have to show for the many hours of hard labor in the heat and dust?

MUCH!!! Our hair got a bit lighter in color from the sun, we have a “farmers tan” thingy going on and our muscles are in great shape. We both lost a few pounds too…

Time to relax a bit. But first we have to travel 300ish miles to our friends home in WA to store our RV so we can “road-trip” in the car down to Arizona. And that is just a short 1600 miles one way or so.

Soooooooooo   On the road again is our mantra for a few days. Then some quality time in AZ with family and friends…

We will try to keep you posted.


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