Farmer’s Market Season

Every Wednesday for the last 5 or 6 weeks we’ve gone to the Farmer’s Market in Forest Grove, about 30 minutes from our park. Forest Grove is the home of Pacific University and the market is only a block away from campus. We really like the town so far, it reminds us both of the Midwest with farms all around, tree-lined streets with sidewalks and older farm-style houses (no cookie-cutter developments in that part of town), much like the towns we both grew up in. We discovered 2 restaurants in the neighborhood that we’ve been frequenting: a cafe with fresh and very delicious gelato and paninis, super friendly staff and occasional live music; and a hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican place (no English on the menu) that has the best $1 tacos. The market also has lots of great food vendors selling foods we’ve never heard of or tried (yet). We both finally tried real tamales and this week we’re going to try a papusa. Each time we go we buy something we’ve never had, last week we bought Kohlrabi, purple peas and purple jalapeno like peppers.


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