Hidden treasures

Yesterday a friend of ours took us on a guided hike through the woods north of Vernonia. He’s lived there his whole life and knows the logging roads, forests and mountains in the area well. He took us first out to an old hydroelectric plant and then out to the old dam. We crossed 3 old, abandoned logging bridges and numerous streams on our journey. We followed critter trails and saw signs of coyotes, elk and deer but the only wildlife we saw all day was a lizard by the dam and a garter snake back by the car… We hiked about 7 miles or so through deep grass (and nettle) and down washed out roads and a few roads that are still used by loggers. It was fun and very interesting, we would have never, ever been able to find any of that without our guide, we’re glad he took the time to show us around. We learned a lot more about the area, even some history that connects back to our park. On the way back to town we stopped at a popular shooting area and got in some much needed target practice. From there it was time for dinner and a stroll around Vernonia before finally heading home. A Saturday well spent!

~Click on a picture to see it larger and read the caption!~


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