Dizzy’s new collar

Who says dogs aren’t grateful? We bought Dizzy a new collar yesterday, simple but nice, black with a reflective stripe, padded around the throat, and with a cool loop that goes over the clasp to keep the collar from falling off if the clasp pops open. He’s needed a new one for a long time and apparently even he knew it.

As I stood in the kitchen cutting the zip ties off new collar Dizzy came running over and jumped up on my leg with one of the biggest pug smiles I’ve ever seen, he was so excited! Even more excited than he gets for food, so that’s saying something. I hadn’t even showed it to him yet or mentioned it, I really don’t know how he knew what it was or even that it was for him… I got the zip ties off and opened up the shiny new collar for him to see, he did a couple excited circles and jumped up on me again (which is not something he normally does) and then just sat down with his giant smile and waited for me to put it on him. Once it was on and adjusted to fit he jumped up and hugged me and licked my face! He never does that! He was just so happy he couldn’t contain himself!! Then he laid down in his bed and tilted his head back (still with a giant smile) so we could see his fancy new collar. I picked it up this morning to put it back on him and he came running right over and sat down for it, normally I have to call him, and he’s been strutting all around the RV showing off. Silly pug. Now I’ve got a pile of toys at my feet and a squeaky frog in my lap, an offering of thanks maybe?

So, who says dogs aren’t appreciative of the little things?

*I tried to get a picture but he just won’t sit still…*


One thought on “Dizzy’s new collar

  1. that is so cute!!! and somehow they know!! Mine always get new collars for Christmas and they love it!! they prance and dance and get all silly too!!! Way to go Dizzy!!! can’t wait to see pics of your new collar!! hugs you three!!

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