And they call her the Streak(er)!

I’ve been running at least a mile every single day since Memorial Day. For those who aren’t with me on Facebook I participated in the Runner’s World 2013 Summer Challenge from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. Read more about it here.

I actually really enjoyed doing it and I’m especially proud of myself for sticking with it. I’ve slowly been getting into running over the last couple of years. My problem was that I’d lay out a program, schedule a couple months worth of runs and other exercises, but I found it really easy to find excuses to not run on a scheduled day and then on the next scheduled day something else would come up and then all of a sudden I’d gone 2 weeks with no exercise! I needed to break that on-off cycle. So, joining the Streak seemed like a good idea and I jumped on it.

I posted my intentions on Facebook in the hopes someone would join, a few did the first day, but I don’t know if any completed it. After every run I would post my miles and anything interesting that happened while I was out, there was usually something. On a recent run I came across a dead fawn (really sad), a lot of runs were muddy and slick (therefore a lot of fun), most runs were challenging in one way or another (always self-inflicted challenges, like giant hills) but every single run made me feel good at the end. The award for the best “WTF just happened?” moment of the streak goes to my July 4th run (last of the streak, of course) and the kid riding past on his bike who said “Whoa, big boobs!”. WTF? Did he just say what I think he said?!! Yea, I think he did, but he said it just as he got beside me and then he sped off, if I’d had time to react to it I think I would have pushed him off his bike into the ditch just for the general rudeness, but in the end, I just laughed and went home and told Dave who also found it pretty amusing.

So, the Summer Challenge is over but I will continue to run at least a mile everyday even though I know there will be days (like today) where I just want to stay home and do nothing. But I also know how good I feel after a run, even when I start off sleepy and slow after about 10 minutes I’m good to go and just want to keep on going. I’m glad I got started on this running streak here at Stub Stewart where I have over 40 miles of trails to take advantage of. I love running on these trails! Every trail has it’s own unique set of challenges and I love every one of them! I’ll miss them when we leave here in a couple weeks. I’m already planning routes around the next few known places that we’ll be. Even though I’m super tired at the moment I’m still really excited! It’s a new thing for me, to actually love running. It’s something I used to dread, even though I played soccer for years and was even on a track team for awhile, I was always a sprinter, not a distance runner. Now all of a sudden a mile is a “short run”, even two miles feels too short lately. My 39 day Running Streak total was 75 miles!! It was all within this park and I rarely ran the same route twice. I’ve also lost a little bit of weight, an added bonus! No change to our diet necessary, we actually added a few things. The best part? I feel amazing!!

RWRUNSTREAKBADGEDizzy's runDizzy went with me most days, he seems to really enjoy running, especially the muddy runs. He’s getting pretty buff too! His intentions are loud and clear though, his first priority when we get home each time is to check his food bowl.



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