It was one of those daze…

One of those days.

Yup…Things are gonna happen…

Heather got a “poke in the eye”….Somehow a small stick found its way behind her safety glasses and poked her in the eye. Not much. Just enough to be a pain.

She is better now….(still hurts as of this posting… I recommended ice cream as a cure…)

Then on our walk/run Heather found a dead fawn on the trail… Not sure of how it died but we took it off the trail. Dave said a few “words” to the Man and we moved on.

Then Dave FINALLY saw the “elusive” singing bird he has been looking for the last three years. It came on the trail next to him and sang him three “songs” in a row…

So what to do with all these “happenings”?

Ice cream…

What could be a simpler solution?

Dryer’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundae….


Only thing better will be finding the spoons and cups somewhere on the bed tomorrow morning around 10 or 11AM.

It’s gonna be a good night…


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