A Year Around the Sun

A new tradition at the Cove Palisades! We helped put together the very 1st Memorial Day Parade last year and it was so much fun!!!! Star Spangled Smore’s was a ton of messy fun, too! Keep up the awesome programs Ranger Talia!

The Cove Rattler

Well folks, here we are…one year later from our very first Cove Rattler blog post about Memorial Day weekend in 2012. Thanks to all who have followed and clicked on the Cove Rattler to check-in on the latest updates and interpretive posts. We couldn’t have made this blog a success without you, and we are proud to say that this site has over 4,215 hits! Wow!

This weekend kicked off with a hike to the top of the Tam-a-lau trail. Ranger Talia trained our hosts in hiking tour essentials, and we identified wildflowers and sagebrush types along the way. At the top, we spotted some Turkey Vultures and a few Western Fence Lizards. Meet our newest members to the interpretive team: John and Violet!

Later that night, we geared up to debut our very first program at the new Crooked River Amphitheatre, Star Spangled S’mores and Cove Trivia. The kids…

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