May’s Mini Vacation

Winchester Bay to Stub Stewart State Park is a 4 to 5 hour trip, depending on which route you take, Hwy 101 or I-5. We never get anywhere in the time the GPS tells us it will take… In this case, our trip to Stub was 3 days, north on Hwy. 101.

We started with a stop at our first hosting assignment and a place we absolutely love, Heceta Head Lighthouse. She’s been fully renovated and will be opening to the public again soon, we can’t wait to see the inside.

We had a Museum delivery to make in Newport so we spent the first night at South Beach State Park, someplace we’ve stayed many times and still enjoy. We made our delivery to the Pacific Maritime and Heritage Center (under development in a beautifully renovated, old, waterfront house) and tooled around Newport for awhile.

On our way through Newport the next morning we stopped and saw the Field on Honor put up by the Veterans of Oregon Traveling Memorial. It was an amazing and moving sight even though they only had space for half of the flags.

We had actually planned on a night at South Beach being the only stop but as we drove further north the next day we came upon a State Park we hadn’t stayed at yet and pulled in for the night, even though it was only noon and we’d only been driving (and stopping a lot) for 2 hours…

Our first stay at Cape Lookout State Park was interesting but very enjoyable. We found the longest spot we could, unhooked the trailer, maneuvered it all around the site to where it would take up the least space, backed the rig in at an angle as close to the trailer as we could to be off the road and then we were settled. We had to get a separate site for my car. Meanwhile, we watched a couple with a 5th wheel try to get into a few different sites before admitting defeat and leaving, after doing quite a bit of damage to his truck’s paint job and the bushes.

We did a real quick set up, ate a quick lunch and took off on a hike on the actual Cape Lookout. Awesome hike! After that we jumped on our bikes to “cruise around the campground”, it’s never that simple…We ended up down a service road which became a small trail through old dunes which took us out to the wetlands which was actually pretty neat. We watched a Bald Eagle fish while we chatted with a Canadian couple who ended up down the same trail. We continued down the trail until it faded into the dune grass, but instead of turning around and retracing our steps we continued West, toward the sound of the ocean, until suddenly we stood on top of a cliff of sand looking down at the beach about 50 feet below us. So, once again, instead of turning around and going back the way we came, we pushed on…down the cliff… Good day exploring the park.

The next morning we decided to make another side trip out to Cape Meares State Park. We’ve only been there once, shortly after the Lighthouse was damaged (by two drunk guys with a rifle) so the lens and windows were boarded up, a sad sight. It’s looking good now though! You can still see bullet holes in the 120 year old irreplaceable First Order Fresnel Lens but they’ve done a great job fixing it up and making it less obvious… We got there too early for tours, but, we did watch a Bald Eagle soar over the top of the Lighthouse while we were standing eye level with the lens, it was a breath-taking sight. Too bad I couldn’t get to my camera in time…

We finally made it to Stub Stewart just in time to meet up with our “boss” before he headed home for the weekend. It was a great mini vacation.

By the way, if you click on the pictures it will take you to the full image….


One thought on “May’s Mini Vacation

  1. Thanks for sharing !! I always enjoy your mini vacations!! brings back memories of when C and I used to go exploring up the coast!! great pics!! stay safe!!

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