Muddy trails

We’ve spent the last 2 days back on trail clearing and it’s been a wet, muddy and cold job. It’s almost like winter again! What happened to the awesome 80 degree sun-shiny days we had 2 weeks ago?!!

We worked 4 hours yesterday before calling it quits because we were freezing. Today was lots wetter but a little warmer so we sucked it up and worked double to make some serious progress, today alone we cleared almost 1/4 mile. All total so far we’ve cleared about one and a half miles and only have about 1/4 mile left to go before we reach the creek! Yay! We’ve made it through all of the really dark sections of forest and tomorrow will round a bend into lush, green, healthy forest which means no more limbing! Now it’s just cleaning and trimming and then the trail will open to the mountain biking community!…after we ride it first, of course, you know, to make sure it’s all good…



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