Our Mobile Garden is up and growing!

Our Mobile Garden is up and growing once again! Who says you can’t have a garden just because you live in an RV?

For those of you who haven’t seen it or heard of it yet, last year Dave and I came across some old wagon hardware and decided to build a wagon garden. We spent a total of about $12 on the whole thing; seeds, screws, bolts, washers, cedar fence posts, and paint. We used native soil from the area we were in at the time and planted a few different types of lettuces, spinach and strawberries in the new wagon. We also grew some tomatoes, basil, mint and a few other things in pots. The wagon was a huge success! We had so much lettuce at times that we ended up giving away a few bags. We had a lot of fun learning how to manage it last year.

At the end of the season though, once everything had run its course, we dumped it all to start over. Everything grew well in the native soil but I found I had to water up to 3 times a day on hot days because the soil had poor retention and tended to become rock hard. We were in Central Oregon last summer where it was sunny and dry, this year we’re west of Portland where we’re getting a lot more rain…

So, this year we redesigned. We made a special mix for the wagon; bark mulch, compost and perlite. I wanted something light weight that wouldn’t compact and strangle the poor seedlings. We also added 6 towers to the wagon. The towers are thin PVC pipe with one and a half inch holes drilled out. I filled those with a “mostly perlite with a little bit of compost” mix, again to keep it light weight. Last year I filled the entire depth of the wagon with soil, this year I filled the bottom 6″ with styrofoam and plastic and filled soil on top of that. We found we don’t need the extra depth and the styrofoam and plastic cut out a lot of the weight and provides great drainage. I’ve added trellises as well, they are strung between all of the towers. Dave also “manufactured” some new wheels for the wagon from a fallen tree. The originals broke at the end of last season.

For plants this year we have: Radishes, beets, 2 kinds of carrots, 4 varieties of strawberries, a Peppermint, a Grapefruit mint, 2 kinds of spinach, lettuce, a mesclun mix, peas and wax beans. We will be adding basil soon too.

We also have plants in pots; 3 tomatoes, 3 kinds of onion, marigolds, lavender and more radishes, beets, spinach & carrots. Everything there started off great but the growth has stalled, we’re not sure why except for maybe the excess rain we’ve been having.

These pictures were all taken about a week ago and the wagon is much, much greener now, I’ll post some updates when the rain stops. We pulled our first two radishes the other day! They were small, about the size of a bouncy ball, but really tasty. I may be able to get another planting of radishes in soon! We also have a lot of flowers on the strawberries.

Our garden is pretty popular among other hosts and RVers. I regularly have folks stopping by to see how it’s looking. Last year it even drew a few crowds of campers! We have so much fun with it, imagine what we could do with a piece of land?

Stay tuned for more Mobile Garden 2.0 updates over the summer!


3 thoughts on “Our Mobile Garden is up and growing!

  1. Your wagon garden was so awesome last year… and even more this year! so cool. I would love to do that… but we would need to know we were in one place for the summer

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