Last Saturday in Banks.

A week later….

As Dave said in the last post, we had a great day hanging out in Banks. We rode around through neighborhoods we didn’t even know were there and discovered that there’s a lot more to Banks than we thought. We never did get our Grilled Ham and Cheese from the Banks Cafe (which was the original purpose of the whole trip). Oh well, that just means we have to do it again when the weather gets back to good.

I LOVE small town America. It was so cool to get to watch some of the dirt-track racing action. I am a total car girl but have never been to a race! One of my dreams is to race, preferably a rally but I’d also love to drive a dirt track so I was enthralled by what was happening on the track. The best part was the patriotism before the race. The 3 trucks that served as “pushers” each had a big American Flag on the front and paraded around the track with 2 of the lead race cars then lined up in formation in the center of the track and everyone (including other people gathered behind the fence in the park where we were) stood while the National Anthem was sung. It was very moving.

It was a great day!


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