Out late…..Again. (But for good reasons)

We were out in the sunshine again today. We cleaned our bikes up a bit (grease and what not) and then headed down the Banks Vernonia (BV) Trail south to the town of Banks. We had planned on coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich a bit of veggie shopping and return home by 5ish…


Sort of. We got to Banks http://www.cityofbanks.org/ a really sleepy cool good-old-American town and stumbled upon a book/garden/art/jewelry/stuff sale that benefits the local library. Of course we go inside. I got a book and so did Heather. Then it was back outside to enjoy an excellent pair of BBQ sliders from a local BBQ team that comes for the purpose of sharing the profits with the library folks… nice. Food was most excellent. On top of that the crew discovers I am a vet and being an all-American town they add an extra helping of cole slaw and toss in a free soda for me – all the while thanking me for my military service. Brought a not-seen tear to my eye for sure… And OH…Heather got a hand made ankle bracelet that is very nicely made…

Then – We then see a whole bunch of “race” cars moving into the area. We found out that we were only 100 yards or so from the local raceway. Nice.

All the while we were watching at least two games of baseball being played on two different fields. Younger league was playing… On the edge of the field is a hot dog stand run by the local moms that support the athletics…. We went for an ice cream and talked about coming back later for a burger or hot dog.

We ended up tooling around town to check it out and finally back at the burger/hot dog stand for dinner and strolled over to watch the race cars (dirt track type) do some qualify rounds and finally chowed down our burger/hot dogs while the race was on…

Gotta love small town America. Everyone was so friendly.

And finally the best part… a 12 mile ride back home. We left home around 2pm, rode the 12 miles to town, tooled around town and rode back home arriving around 9pm. 30 miles in all today…

Earned those burgers and hot dogs….

We finished the day with some natural TV…. (That’s a fire for you city slickers) and “watched” it until around 11:30 tonight. Best part: NO commercials… ever.

Droopy eyes now…must sleeeeeeep…….



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