At our new gig… Stub Stewart State Park

It was sad to see the coast of Oregon in our RV mirror… Perhaps for some time we will not view such beauty again. Dave spent one of his last visits on the beach trying to convince the sun to not set that day. Heather caught his futile attempt with this shot. Dave could be heard for miles begging the sun to stay above the horizon….


Have to give him credit for trying… So it was on to Stub Stewart State park.  Here is what our new digs look like after we got partially set up:


We left room for our most valuable item we carry: Horse shoes…. You can’t travel properly in an RV if you don’t carry horse shoes. In fact before this picture was taken we played a couple of games. Heather won. AGAIN… Oh well I do lose gracefully.

Dizzy likes the new area because he has the whole green area to “do his doggie-business” in. Here is a happy face dog:


Our “work” here is trail maintenance. We love the challenge. A little hard to see in these two photos but look at the limbs on the trees. Here is a before and after shot. We clear the limbs from the trees about 6 to 8 feet above the ground for mountain bike riders and hikers. Miles and miles of this kind of trail to work on…

B4 After

Does not look like much happened but if you were on a mountain bike headed down-hill at 15 to 20 MPH the limbs being out of your face is a nice thing… We spend about 4 to 6 hours a day working these trails. We have to drive to the base of the mountain then hike in with our gear to do the work.

Of course after a long day of clearing what is there to do? How about a 25 mile bike ride to the nearest town for coffee?

Lets go!!!

Here is Dave on one of many bridges on the way to get coffee at the Black Bear restaurant in Vernonia, OR.


I know the image is sideways….but it’s late and I have it uploaded that way….

World is a little out of whack sometimes huh?



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