The rings of Saturn….and more.


That about sums up or view last night of the “rings of Saturn”.

We “stumbled” upon a couple of guys putting together a huge piece of equipment in our day-use area around dark last night. The day use is closed at dark so we were curious what these two were doing…. We went over and discovered both had huge telescopes. The night was clear and the moon was not up. They invited us to come back later and check out the view.

And we did. What a view it was. We got to see the rings of Saturn. It was awesome!!!

To see it with your own eyes is just amazing. The largest telescope was about 8 feet tall. It was hand-made in the 70s and just refurbished.

This is what we saw (sort of) with the naked eye:


Awesome indeed…

We walked up to the day-use and back in the dark. Reduced our carbon-footprint and got some exercise as well…

Slowly becoming a hippie…one day at a time.


3 thoughts on “The rings of Saturn….and more.

  1. that is so cool!!! i got to see the rings of Saturn years ago on a field trip with my 5th graders!! and also the craters of the moon and mars! what a lucky day/night that was!! so where are you at now?? I dont’ remember if I asked!! haha!! old age!!

    1. Rachel, We’re at Stub Stewart near Portland. Updates coming soon now that we have better internet. 🙂

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