Trippin down the Coast

FINALLY! Pictures from our road trip down the coast last month. I know, it takes me forever to do a post… I’m working on that though and I’ve been exploring WordPress more and playing with all the different photo options.


Day 1: Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum to Bullard’s Beach State Park in Bandon.

It rained most of our first day on the road and just a bit the second morning but that was it! We lucked out with dry, sunny and warm weather for the other 9 days, until we got home then it started raining again. Someone wanted us to enjoy our trip…

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Day 2: Bullard’s Beach State Park down Elk River Road to Butler Bar.

We got a new Oregon Recreation and Road map before we left. It has all of the Forest Service and BLM roads on it so we decided to check some of those roads out. Elk River Road is paved until you get to Butler Bar Campground where it splits and heads deeper into the woods. We found a great camping spot and spent a lot of time hiking up the forest roads, we saw one other vehicle the whole day.

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Day 3: Butler Bar to Humbug Mountain State Park.

After our morning hike we decided to drive up the forest road a few miles to check out Laird Lake Campground, we thought we might stay there that night…after getting into the snow we decided to move on down the road to Humbug Mountain State Park, one of our favorite state parks.

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Day 4: Epic bike ride to Port Orford.

We decided to stay at Humbug Mountain for 2 nights. We planned on riding our bikes to Port Orford via China Mountain Road the first day and hiking Humbug Mountain the next day, we opted out of the hike… China Mountain Road is literally up a mountain, we were told it was 6 miles to town so we didn’t expect it to be that tough but 2 miles in we were starting to rethink our ride, it was so steep we ended up walking about a mile of it. Of course, I had Dizzy in his chariot hooked up my bike for the extra challenge. We rode the highway back… Overall it was an awesome ride and we had a beautiful day for it. The sunset on the beach made the day!

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Day 5: Humbug Mountain State Park to Harris Beach State Park.

We decided to make a beeline for the Brookings area (southernmost town on the Oregon Coast) so we could spend more time exploring the forest roads down there and see an area we’ve never seen. We stopped at multiple waysides on the way but didn’t get a whole lot of pictures for some reason. A pretty uneventful day, we’ve now seen everything on the highway on this stretch.

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Day 6: Harris Beach State Park to Quosatana Campground (Forest Service)

We had planned on staying at one of the two Forest Service campgrounds on Winchuck River Road, which runs parallel to and just a few miles north of the California border. It didn’t work out though, both campgrounds and day-use areas are shut down…We kept going thinking we’d be able to find a little boondocking site in the woods but came up empty on that, too. The road eventually became too small for our rig and the only places to pull off were muddy and dark. So, we explored some more and then drove back up Hwy 101 to Gold Beach and turned off at the Rogue River to Quosatana campground, our absolute favorite campground! Before settling into camp we drove down to the gravel river bar for lunch.

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Day 7: Quosatana Campground to Foster Bar Campground.

We didn’t make it too far but it was still an exciting day of driving, the roads out here put Dave’s RV driving skills (and my passenger skills) to the test. We made the drive into the big town of Agness, chatted with the store owner, the pilot and the guy picking up chickens from the pilot and then drove back out and up to Foster Bar Campground. Once again, we were the only campers there.

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Day 8: Foster Bar Campground to LaVerne County Park.

Pretty drives! We had a slight delay on the way back to Hwy 101, there was a crew cleaning up another landslide that we had driven by on the way in. We turned off on Hwy 42 toward Coquille. Once again we were heading for a couple of small parks (county parks this time) but both were shut down. So we headed back the way we came and on a whim followed signs out to a different county park and it was open! There was a group of 3 couples camping there but that’s it, and we chatted with them quite a bit, nice folks. We had a site right on the river and it was a really, really quiet place.

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Day 9: LaVerne County Park to Sunset Bay State Park.

After teaching Dizzy how to teeter-totter we headed back toward 101. As we were going through Coquille we drove past the Espresso Boat, we couldn’t find a place to turn around so we drove back through and around town to check it out. Awesome place, super nice owner and really good coffee. Dave had an appointment in Coos Bay on Day 10 so we stayed at Sunset Bay which is only a few minutes from town. We’ve been to Shore Acres Botanical Gardens (which is part of the park) many times but had never stayed there. There were a few campers here but we had empty sites all around us and everyone was pretty quiet. We set up and rode our bikes around the park and to the gardens before settling down in from of the campfire.

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Day 10: Sunset Bay State Park to Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum

Back home! As soon as we got set up again, it started raining…go figure. But, we lucked out on our trip, the weather was gorgeous and we had a great time.

A dark and stormy sunset over the Triangle.
A dark and stormy sunset over the Triangle.

2 thoughts on “Trippin down the Coast

  1. you brought a lot of memories of when Christina and I explored all of the OR coast before we decided to settle in Reedsport area.

  2. Loved your pictures. Many were a trip down memory lane since I lived in North Bend for 11 years. Your art is awesome!

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