It’s official!

We’re engaged! Dave caught me totally by surprise, and I’m not easily surprised. Our friends who participated did a great job at hiding it. Apparently they’ve all been talking about it for a week and I had no clue, and I’m here all the time! Dave did good 🙂

After the Proposal our friends hosted a little celebration at their rig, cheese and crackers and chocolate covered strawberries with Sparkling Apple Cider. Then Dave and I drove up to Florence for dinner. We went to the Waterfront Depot and sat at a window table looking over the Siuslaw River. It was a great dinner and the waitress was super nice and we were even congratulated by the staff when we left.

More pictures coming soon…

By the way the “glass” Dave mentioned is the First Order Fresnel lens in the Umpqua River Lighthouse where we’re working. Our lens is the only one on the Oregon coast and, I believe, the only one of the west coast with red glass. It’s also one of only 2 in the world of that particular style where, if you were to do a tour, you could walk up and stick your head inside the lens. It is currently insured for $5 million…so yea, I got a little bit nervous standing inside it 🙂 But what an awesome place for a proposal!

Here are some photos of the lighthouse itself…



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