Oregon Spring Beach Cleanup

Yesterday morning we participated in SOLV’s Oregon Spring Beach Cleanup. It’s a state wide event covering the 300+ miles of public Oregon coastline. Read more here. We joined the Reedsport Rotary Club and about 30 other people at Sparrow Park which is across the river from where our RV is parked. We can see the beach of Sparrow Park Road from our living room but to get there is about a 30 minute drive through the town of Reedsport and a few miles down a gravel logging road. The beach is accessible to vehicles so there were a lot of folks on ATVs and in trucks out there picking up trash. We started around 10am and finished at 1 and filled about 30 bags with mostly plastic bottles, styrofoam and other “microtrash”. We found a lot of plastic bottles, bags and cardboard pieces from Japan. Dave even found an intact, plastic snack cracker container with Japanese writing. Along with the bags were a few tires, a huge shipping pallet, a piece of a surfboard, a lot of plywood and other building materials, and other miscellaneous large trash, enough to fill 2 pickup trucks. That’s a lot of trash picked up in just a few miles of clean-looking beach.

They did a raffle at 1, for every bag of trash you bring back you got a ticket. We filled 4 bags. A glass company in Eugene donated a bunch of hand made glass floats (similar to the coveted glass fishing floats that beach combers search for) so they were raffled off. A lot of people left before the raffle so almost everyone who hung around won a float. We each got one 🙂 They’re really pretty!

We had fun at the clean-up and couldn’t have asked for better weather. We were actually hot on the beach! That’s a first for us here in Oregon. Normally when we’re on the beach it’s either windy, or misty or the ocean is too loud to talk over. Yesterday was perfect! Clear blue skies, calm ocean and no wind! It was gorgeous.

When we got back Dave tested out his new camp stove and made some delicious steak and veggies on the grill. It was a great day!



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