Road Trippin 5 March 2013

Finally…we get a break from “working” for others.

We took off from Winchester Bay and headed South today on a 10 day “out-there” vacation. We have No plans. No destination. No to-to list. Nothing. Just the RV and a lot of road. And we like it that way. Today was a total “let’s-go-that-way” day…. When we spied a place/road we wanted to take we did. Even if it meant a little back tracking.

We made it a whole 47 or so miles South before our first stop of the day. Bandon, Oregon.

Here is a picture of Dizzy thinking about joining the Navy as he drools over the huge waves crashing in on the beach and port of Bandon:


Dave was quick to point out to Dizzy that it required mental toughness, physical fitness and lots of work. To which Dizzy immediately and fiercely objected to all three demands… Nope he wagged – not gonna do it.

We moved on to a local bakery shop in Bandon and bought the “unlimited-all-day” coffee cup. Yup. You buy a cup at any time and you can return to the bakery all day for as much coffee as you think your liver and kidneys will handle. We drank A LOT… And had the cinnamon twist stick (or something like that) and bought a fresh loaf of cheese and onion bread (their most requested item)…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good. Had some for dinner and will have some with breakfast tomorrow. Here is a pic of Heather in a food/good coffee coma at the bakery: (Ain’t she cute?????)


You can spy that good loaf of onion/cheese bread to the right of my coffee cup…

Some time during the day we strolled around the Bandon Boardwalk. One of the coolest boardwalks on the Oregon coast – hands down. Lots of local artwork on the beach and cool sculptures:


Of course you are only “here” if you are really here – but you knew that.

Wish you ALL can come and see this place for yourself. You will love it…

Take a look at this active “360” of the Bandon boardwalk…even better in person.


Here are some additional random shots from today… All in taken in Bandon Oregon.

IMG_3577 IMG_3578 IMG_3580 IMG_3585 IMG_3587 IMG_3595 IMG_3598 IMG_3606 IMG_3610 IMG_3614 IMG_3616 IMG_3622




One thought on “Road Trippin 5 March 2013

  1. In regards to the Belly Button Brush:
    ♫ “Me takes care of me belly-button…
    Me likes to keep it nice and clean…
    Me takes care of me belly-button..
    Or in it grows the fungus green. ♫ ♪ ♫

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